Introducing Viveka Vikasa

Viveka Vikasa

Viveka Vikasa, a value initiative from focus on providing life skills and value education for the younger generation who will be the pioneers of positive change of the nation.

Why Viveka Vikasa?

The education sector has received tremendous impetus in recent times. With both government and private players active in the field, several educational institutions have mushroomed. The effect: more and more youth are getting educated and fulfilling their materialistic pursuits through lucrative employment.

However, the larger question remains: Has education truly contributed to building inner strength and character of individuals leading to a positive social transformation? Is the world a better place to live than ever before?

The education system today limits its focus to only academics. So, while students have 'Reading, Writing and Arithmetic' skills that gears students to compete in the job market, but leaves them inadequately equipped to face the challenges of life and lead a life of fulfillment.

What is missing is the Emphasis on Core Values, i.e, the 3Cs, 'Character, Culture and Country'.